(House of Bragança)

Dom DUARTE Pio Nuno João Miguel Gabriel Rafael, DUKE OF BRAGANÇA, of Guimarães and of Barcelos, Marquis of Vila Viçosa, Count of Arraiolos, of Ourém, of Barcelos, of Faria and of Neiva, of Guimaraes, etc, born at Berne, Switzerland 15 May 1945, Grand Master of the Order of the Immaculate Conception of Vila Viçosa, and of the Order of Santa Isabel, Bailiff Gd Cross Hon & Dev Sov Mil Order of Malta, Kt Order of the Golden Fleece (Austria), Kt Order of St Januarius, Bailiff Gd Cross Constantinian Order of St George, Kt Order of Annunziata, Gd Cross Order Karageorge of Yugoslavia, Kt Order of Calatrava, son of Dom Duarte (II), Duke of Bragança (born 23 Sep 1907; died 24 Dec 1976), succeeded as Head of the Royal House of Portugal on the death of King Manuel II 2 Jul 1932, and acknowledged as such by Portuguese Monarchists, and of Princess Maria Francisca of Orléans and Bragança (born 8 Sep 1914; married 13/15 Oct 1942; died 15 Jan 1968); married at 13 May 1995, Isabel Ines (born at Lisbon 22 Nov 1966), Dame Gd Cross Order of Santa Isabel, dau of Jorje de Herédia and Raquel Leonor Pinneiro Cuvello.

Son & Daughter

1. Infante Dom Afonso de Santa Maria Miguel Gabriel Rafael, Prince of Beira, born at Lisbon 25 Mar 1996, Gd Cross Order of the Immaculate Conception of Vila Viçosa.

2. Infanta Dona Maria Francisca Isabel Micaela Gabriela Rafaela Paula, born at Lisbon 3 Mar 1997.

3. Infante Diniz de Santa Maria Francisco João de Herédia, 25 Nov 1999.


1. Infante Dom Miguel Rafael Gabriel Xavier Teresia Maria Felix, Duke of Vizeu, born at Berne 3 Dec 1946, Gd Cross Order of the Immaculate Conception of Vila Viçosa.

2. Infante Dom Henrique Nuno João Miguel, Duke of Coimbra, born at Berne 6 Nov 1949, Gd Cross Order of the Immaculate Conception of Vila Viçosa.

Half-Brothers & Sister of Father

Issue of Dom Miguel II, Duke of Bragança  (born 19 Sep 1853; died 11 Oct 1927) and his first wife, Princess Elisabeth von Thurn & Taxis (born 28 May 1860; married 17 Oct 1877; died 7 Feb 1881), having had issue,

1. Infante Dom Miguel Maximiliano Sebastao Maria, Duke of Vizeu (ad personam by his father 1909), born at Reichenau 22 Sep 1878; died at New York 21 Feb 1923, renounced his rights to the Throne of Portugal for himself and his descendants 21 Jul 1920; married (later declared non dynastic in Portuguese law) at Tulloch Castle, nr Dingwall, Scotland 15 Sep 1909, Anita (born at Elberon, New Jersey USA 17 Aug 1886; she married 2ndly, 2 Apr 1946, Lewis Gouverneur Morris, of Newport, Rhode Island, USA, born at Newport, RI 4 Jun 1883; died at Newport, RI 14 Aug 1967, she died 15 Sep 1977), a member of the Episcopalian Church, recognized as Princess of Bragança by the Emperor Franz Josef ….1909, dau of William Rhinelander Stewart and Annie M Armstrong, and had issue,

1). Princess (until 1920) Isabel Maria Teresa Micaela Rafaela Gabriela Nadeja (Nada), born in London 28 Jun 1910; died at London 13 Jun 1946; married 1stly in Cyprus 10 Dec 1930 (married diss by div at Reno, Nevada 4 Jan 1932), Wlodzimierz Dorozynski (born at Libava 27 Apr 1906; died at ……). She married 2ndly at London 29 Jan 1942, René Millet (born at London 15 Aug 1910).

2). Prince (until 1920) John Miguel Guilherme Aloisio Maria Jose Rafael Gabriel Francisco de Assis Carlos Henrique Antonio Sebastiao Huberto de Braganca, born at Pippingford, Sussex, England 7 Sep 1912, American Citizen; married 1stly at New York 21 May 1948 (married diss by div Apr 1953), Winifred Dodge (born at Detroit 1 Apr 1917, married 1stly 10 Sep 1938 Edward M. McIlvain; married 3rdly 5 May 1855 George Morris Cheston), dau of Wesson Seyburn and Winifred Dodge. He married 2ndly 15 May 1971 Katherine King (born….., married 1stly Agnew H. Bahnson, Jr), dau of …. and has issue by 1st,


Miguel William de Braganca, born at Long Island, New York 25 Sep 1951; married at Boston, MA, 27 Sep 1980 Barbara Haliburton Fales (born at Miami …. 1955), dau of Samuel Fales and Barbara Foote, and has issue

1. Miguel Samuel, born at Boston 3 Feb 1986.

2. Annabel Barbara, born at Boston 6 May 1989.

3. Camilla, born .................

3). Prince (until 1920) Miguel (Michael) Luis Guilherme Maria de Braganca, born at Berlin 7 Sep 1915, American Citizen, Civil Airlines Pilot; married at Miami, Florida, USA 18 Nov 1946, Anne (born at Roanoke, Virginia, USA 16 Nov 1921, married 1stly Henry Scholz, Jr), dau of Albert Hughson, and has issue,

(1). Anita, born at Stanford, Connecticut USA 24 Oct 1947; married at Bedford, NY, 28 Mar 1968 (married diss by div ….. 1982) George A. Wardman (born at Utrecht 17 Jun 1947), son of George E. Wardman


(2). Michèle, born at Stanford, Connecticut USA 5 Oct 1949.

2. Infante Dom Francisco José Gerardo Maria, born at Meran, Tyrol 7 Sep 1879; died at the Isle of Ischia, nr Naples 15 Jun 1919.

3. Infanta Dona Maria Teresa Carolina Micaela Ana Josefina Antónia Francisca de Assis e de Paula Brígida Pia Gerardina Severina Inácia Luisa Estanislau Joana Policarpa, born at Ödenburg 26 Jan 1881; died at Steinach, Styria 17 Jan 1945; married at Regensburg 22 May 1900, Karl Ludwig, Prince von Thurn und Taxis (born at Augsburg 19 Oct 1863; died at Vienna 15 Jan 1942).

Sisters of Father

Issue of Dom Miguel II, Duke of Bragança, titular King of Portugal (born 19 Sep 1853; died 11 Oct 1927) and his second wife, Princess Therese zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg (born 4 Jan 1870; married 8 Nov 1893; died 17 Jan 1935).

1. Infanta Dona Isabel (Elisabeth) Maria Alberta Josefa Micaela Gabriela Rafaela Francisca de Paula e de Assis Teresa Adelaide Eulália Sofia Carolina, born at Kleinheubach 19 Nov 1894; died at ... 12 Jan 1970; married at Bronnbach 23 Nov 1920, Franz Joseph, 9th Prince von Thurn und Taxis (born at Regensburg 21 Dec 1893; died at ... 13 Jul 1971).

2. Infanta Dona Maria Benedita Clara Sofia Aloisia Micaela Gabriela Rafaela, born at Kleinheubach 12 Aug 1896; died at ... .. Apr 1970.

3. Infanta Dona Mafalda Maria Aldegundes Henriqueta, born at Schloss Ankenstein 14 Oct 1898; died at Vienna 17 Oc 1918.

4. Infanta Dona Maria Ana Rafaela Micaela Gabriela Lourença, born at Schloss Fischhorn 3 Sep 1899; died at Feldafing 23 Jun 1971, Dame Order of the Star Cross; married at Schloss Taxis 18 Aug 1921, Karl August, Prince von Thurn und Taxis (born at Garatshausen 23 Jul 1898; died at Regensburg 26 Apr 1982).

5. Infanta Dona Maria Antónia Micaela Rafaela Gabriela Adelaide Xavier Josefa Expedita Gregória, born at Viareggio 12 Mar 1903; died at Watermill, Long Island, USA 6 Feb 1973; married at Schloss Seebenstein 13 Jun 1934 (married diss by div at .... 1948 and ecclesiastically annulled at Rome 1954), Ashley S Chandler (born at New York 16 Nov 1905; .....).

6. Infanta Dona Filippa Maria Anna Johanna Michaela Gabriela Raphaela, born at Fischhorn 27 Jul 1905; died at Ferragudo, nr Lagoa, Portugal 6 Jul 1990.

7. Infanta Dona Maria Adelaide Emmanuela Amalia Michaela Raphaela, born at St Jean de Luz, Dept Basses-Pyrénées 31 Jan 1912; married at Vienna 7 Jul (relig) and 13 Oct (civ) 1945, Nicolaas van Uden (born at Venlo, Prov Limburg, Netherlands 5 Mar 1921; died at Lisbon 5 Feb 1991).