Prince NICOL“ Francesco, PRINCE BONCOMPAGNI LUDOVISI, PRINCE OF PIOMBINO,PRINCE OF VENOSA, Prince of the Holy Roman Empire, Duke of Sora and of Arce, Duke of Monterotondo, Marquess of Populonia, Marquess of Vignola, Count of Conza, Noble of Rome Coscritto, Patrician of Naples, Venice, Ravenna, Bologna, and Orvieto, Noble of Rieti, of Foligno and of Jesi, Kt Hon & Dev of Sov Mil Order of Malta, Grand Cross Constantinian Order of Saint George, b at Rome 21 Jan 1941 (son of Prince Gregorio, member of the Council of Senators of the Kingdom, Gd Offr Saints Maurice & Lazarus, Silver Medal for gallantry, b at Rome 28 Jun 1910; d there 8 Feb 1988, and of Beatrice Bonaccorsa of the Barons Aliotti, b at Paris 12 Dec 1908; d at Rome 21 Dec 1995, dau of Carlo Barone Aliotti and of Ester Fiorenza Vignoles); m 1stly at Rome 8 Jul 1964 (annulled, 10 Oct 1989) Benedetta Maria Colonna di Sciarra, Dame Hon & Dev of Sov Mil Order of Malta, dau of Prince Urbano Barberini Colonna di the Sciarra, Prince of Carbognano and of Nadia Berlingieri of the Marquesses of Valle Perrotta; m 2ndly at Riano (Rome) 20 Apr 1992 Ludmilla Petrovna Sisova, b 8 Dec 1953 at Baký (USSR), dau of Piotr DensovicSisov, Russian Naval Offr and of Maria Serghievna Poup'ko Kovalenko (annulled by the Viariato di Roma November 2007, civilly divorced 19 Sep 2008), ), m 3rdly m 27 May 2009 Rita Carpenter (Daughter of the American Revolution) b San Antonio, Texas, 25 November 1949, daughter of C. Hunt Carpenter, oilman, cattleman and founder of the Shamrock Insurance Company and of Reba Garlington,. 11th generation descendant of  Waleran de Gyrlyngton (formerly wife of US Congressman John Jenrette) and had issue by 1st,

(Villa Aurora, via Lombardia 46, Rome).

1). Prince Francesco Maria, Duke of Sora, Kt Obed of Sov Mil Order of Malta, b at Geneva 29 Jun 1965, m at Rome 14 Oct 1995 Marchioness Violante Guerrieri Gonzaga, Dame Hon & Dev of Sov Mil Order of Malta (b at Rome 21 Aug 1970), dau of Marquess Carlo Guerrieri Gonzaga and Maria Federica Gallarati Scotti, of the Princes of Molfetta, and has issue,
(Riano (Rome):Tenuta Procoio Vecchio)

(1). Princess Lavinia Maria, b at Rome 7 Sep 1996.

(2). Prince Gregorio, b at Rome 25 Dec 1997.

2). Prince Ignazio Maria,Prince of Venosa ,DScEcon, b at Geneva 12 Feb 1967, m. Rome 19 Jul 1997 Gaia Bulgari (Riano (Rome): Tenuta Procoio Vecchio), and has issue

        (1) Princess Maria (b at London 23 Mar 1998)

        (2) Princess Costanza Maria (b at London 7 Feb 2000)

     (3) Prince Jacopo Maria (b at Milano 18 Dec 2003)

3). Prince Bante Maria b at Geneva 8 Aug 1970, m 1997 (m diss by div 1998, and canonically annulled 2002) Cristina Crociani, dau of Camillo Crociani and Edoarda Vessel Vitalini (Riano (Rome): Tenuta Procoio Vecchio).

Uncle and aunts

Issue of Francesco Antonio Maria Principe Boncompagni-Ludovisi, 9th Principe of Piombino etc, b at Villa La Quiete 20 Oct 1886; d Rome 7 Jun 1955, Senator, Gov of Rome, m at Rome 20 Feb 1908 Nicoletta Prinetti Castelletti (b at Rome 19 Mar 1891; d there 2 Mar 1931), dau of Giulio Marquess Prinetti Castelletti and Francesca of the Marquesses d'Adda Salvaterra.

1. Princess Laura, b 29 Nov 1908; d at Rome 13 Feb 1975, Lady of the Palace of HM Queen Maria, m 1stly at Rome 11 Jun 1925 Count N.H. Annibale Brandolini d'Adda, Gen of Court of HM Queen Maria; m 2ndly at Spezia 7 Mar 1936 Air Force Gen Mario Piroddi (d at Rome 30 Jul 1965).

2. Princess Giulia, b at Rome 6 Mar 1914; d there 19 May 1996, m at Rome 11 Jun 1932 Prince Giovanni Boncompagni Ludovisi Rondinelli Vitelli (d at Florence 30 Jan 1964).

3. Prince Alberico, Prince of Venosa (R.Dame. of renewal 25 Jan 1932 and R. Letter Patent 29 Feb 1932), b at Rome 14 Feb 1918; d there 13 July 2005; LLD., Cavalry Lt; m at Rome 7 Jul 1941 (m diss by div at Rome 26 Mar 1982) Laetitia Pecci Blunt (b at Paris 6 May 1920; Piazza Aracoeli 3, 1-00186 Rome) dau of Charles Count Pecci-Blunt. and Anna Laetitia, of the Counts Pecci, and has issue,
(Tenuta of Fiorano, Via of Fioranello 19, 1-00134 Rome)

Princess Francesca Eleonora Cosima, b at Lausanne 6 Feb 1943, m at Rome 14 Apr 1966 Marquess Piero Antinori, Patrician of Florence (b at Florence 15 Jul 1938), son of Marquess NicolÚ Antinori, Patrician of Florence, and Noble Carlotta of the Counts della Gherardesca, Patrician of Florence, Pisa and Volterra..



Issue of 7th Prince Rodolfo (b at Rome 6 Feb 1832; d at Rome 12 Dec 1911) and Agnese Borghese (b at Rome, 5 May 1836; d at Rome 22 Mar 1920), dau of Marcantonio Prince Borghese and Lady Gwendoline Talbot, of the Earls of Shrewsbury.

Prince Luigi Maria, Senator of the Kingdom, b at Rome 21 Jun 1857; d 22 Jul 1928, m at Florence 24 Oct 1881 Isabella Rondinelli Vitelli, Marchioness of Bucine, Dame Hon & Dev of Sov Mil Order of Malta (b at Florence 17 Oct 1861; d at Rome 23 Sep 1957), dau of Andrea Rondinelli Vitelli, Marchese of Bucine, and Anna Marchioness Naldini, and had issue (Boncompagni Ludovisi Rondinelli Vitelli),

1). Prince Andrea, Patrician of Rome Coscritto (recog 11 Jan 1934), Kt Hon & Dev of Sov Mil Order of Malta, b at Rome 3 Feb 1884; d at Montreaux 10 Dec 1948, m 1stly at Washington 25 Oct 1916 (m anulled 8 Jan and 25 Jan 1924), Margaret Preston Draper, b at Boston 18 Mar 1891; m 2ndly at Abbazia 4 Dec 1924 Blancheflor de Bildt, of the Barons of Bildt, b at Siena 1 Sep 1891 d at Rome 9 Jun 1972;

2). Prince Paolo, b at Rome 19 Dec 1886; d at Fontesegale (Perugia) 16 Apr 1960, Kt Hon & Dev of Sov Mil Order of Malta, m at Florence 17 Apr 1910 Stefania Bourbon del Monte, of the Marquesses of Monte Santa Maria (b at Florence 15 Jan 1888; d at Florence 4 May 1984), dau of Guidobaldo, Marquess Bourbon del Monte, of the Marquesses of Monte Santa Maria and Carlotta Rosselli del Turco and had issue:

(1). Prince Giovanni Battista Maria, b at Florence 25 Mar 1911; d there 30 Jan 1964, m at Rome 11 Jun 1932 Princess Giulia Boncompagni Ludovisi, b at Rome 6 Mar 1914, and had issue,
(via A. Serpieri 10, Rome)

1. Princess Nicoletta, b at Rome 13 Apr 1933, m at Rome 6 Jun 1954 (m diss by div Rome 24 Sep 1971) Marquess Raimondo Marini Clarelli of the Marquesses of Vacone,

2. Prince Luigi Andrea, b at Rome 20 Jul 1934, m at Rome 29 Apr 1965 Orietta Orefici;

(2). Princess Imperia Maria, b at Florence 25 Jun 1912, m at Villa Pozzo (S. Maria at Monte) 27 Oct 1938 Giuseppe of the Marquesses Gavotti, Patrician of Genoa (b at Turin 23. 11. 1914; d at Rome 31 May 1988.
(via Tortolini 13, Rome)

(3). Princess Ippolita, b at Florence 25 Jul 1916, m at Schivanoia 20 Nov 1947 Co. Antonio Naselli of the Dukes of Gela (b at Palermo 6 Dec 1903; d at Acquapendente, nr Viterbo, 28 Jul 1961).
(Piazza Ugo da Como 2, Rome)

(4). Prince Guido, b at Florence 12 Nov 1917, m at Pernumia (Padua) 19 Feb 1944 Bonacolsa (Bona) Countess Bonacossi (b at Padua 5 Nov 1921) dau of Taino, Marquess and Count Bonacossi, Marquess and Count of San Michele Arcangelo, and Noble Carolina Da Zara of the Counts of Serra.

Prince Andrea, b at Florence 26 Nov 1944, m at Florence 31 Oct 1973 Laura Mazzuoli, dau of Dr Mariano Mazzuoli and Maria Luisa Vittori, and has issue,
(Via Gramsci 67/at, 1-50121 Florence).

Prince Francesco Guido Marino, b at Florence 15 Dec 1977.

(5). Princess Iumara Costanza, b at Florence 25 May 1919; m at Florence 22 Feb 1940 Dr Franco Zeloni (b at Maslianico, Como, 29 Dec 1910; d at Florence 23 Feb 1985),
(Borgo Pinti 33, 1-50121 Florence).

(6). Princess Agnese, b at Florence 5 Feb 1921, m at Schivanoia Citerna (Perugia) 12 Nov 1945 Rodolfo Borgianni (b at Florence 24 May 1920; d at Florence 5 Nov 1968).
(Piazza F. Carli 34, Rome)

(7). Prince Arimberto, b at Florence 22 Mar 1925, m 1stly at Padua 10 Jan 1946 (m annulled at Rome 13 Sep 1971) Noble Maria Silvia Ancillotto, of the Counts Ancillotto (b at S. Lucia di Piave 23 Dec 1926), dau of Mario, Count Ancillotto and Elvira, of the Counts Ancillotto. He m 2ndly at Florence 26 Feb 1972 Rosa Tosto (b at Catania, 16 Jul 1926), dau of Prof. Rosario Tosto and Concetta Giarrizzo, and has issue by 1st,
(Via Andrea da Castagno 43, 1-50132 Florence).

Prince Paolo Francesco Maria, b 25 Oct 1947, DSc, member of the Council of Senators of the Kingdom, Master of Ceremonies & Kt Obed of Sov Mil Order of Malta, Gd Cross Orders of Saints Maurice & Lazarus, Merito Melitense of Sov Mil Order of Malta, Saint Anne of Russia, Saint Sava of Yugoslavia, Kt Order of Saint Stephen of Tuscany, Saint Joseph of Tuscany, Cdr with Star Saint Gregory the Great; m at Rome 24 Jun 1971 Angela Maria of the Dukes Altemps (b at Rome d at Rome 6 Feb 1993), Dame Hon & Dev of Sov Mil Order of Malta, Saints Maurice & Lazarus, dau of Alessandro Duke Altemps, Nobile of Rome, Patrician of Naples, and Adele Belloni and d Rome 18 May 2007 leaving issue, a son,

Prince Alessandrojacopo Dragone Marco Sittico Luigi Boncompagni Ludovisi Rondinelli Vitelli Altemps, (authorized by Presidential Decree of 4 Oct 1991 to add maternal surname), Kt Obed of Sov Mil Order of Malta, b at Rome 30 Apr 1972.

3). Prince Lodovico, b at Florence 16 Feb 1890 d there 23 Feb 1966;

4). Prince Baldassarre, b at Rome 30 Oct 1900; d 29 Apr 1973; m 1stly at Rome 12 Jan 1927 Alba Gath (b at Florence 18 Aug 1897; d …); m 2ndly at Florence Dec 1949 Anna Cocchi, Noble of Pontremoli (d at Florence 15 Jan 1979).