This family descends from Pierre Murat (b 1634; d….), grandfather of Pierre Murat (1721-1799), Inn Keeper, m. 1746 Jeanne Loubière (1722-1806), and had with other issue, André Murat (b 29 Jul 1760; d 15 Jun 1841), cr Count Murat in the Kingdom of Naples 1810, left issue, extinct in the male line 23 May 1899; and Joachim Murat (b at La Bastide-Fortunière 25 Mar 1767; exec at Castle of Pizzo, Calabria 13 Oct 1815), who founded the Princely line. Joachim Murat, a noted cavalry commander, became a Brigadier in 1796, General of Div 1799, Marshal of the Empire 18 May 1804, Grand Admiral of the Empire 1 Feb 1805, commander-in chief in Spain 1808, and held various senior command posts in Napoléon’s campaigns. He was cr French Prince (Prince français), of the Empire, with the qualification Imperial Highness 1 Feb 1805; became Sovereign Grand Duke of Berg and Cleves 15 Mar 1806 (until 1 Aug 1808), and King of Naples 1 Aug 1808 (deposed 19 May 1815). He m at Mortefontaine (civ) 20 Jan 1800 and at Paris (relig) 4 Jan 1802 (Marie Annonciade) Caroline Bonaparte (b at Ajaccio, Corsica 25 Mar 1782; d at Florence 18 May 1839), yst dau of Carlo (Charles) Buonaparte (Bonaparte) and Laetizia Ramolino, cr French Princess (Princesse française) and Imperial Highness 18 May 1804, styled Countess of Lipona (anagram of Naples) after 1815. Their eldest surviving son, Napoléon Achille Murat (b at Paris 21 Jan 1801; d at Jefferson Co, FL 15 Apr 1847), was Royal Prince of Naples 1 Aug 1808 – 19 May 1815, thenceforth 2nd Prince Murat. Napoléon Lucien Charles, 3rd Prince Murat (see below), cr Sovereign Prince of Pontecorvo by Imperial Decree 5 Dec 1812 (in succ to Jean Bernadotte, elected Crown Prince, later King, of Sweden), was included with his family as part of the "civil family of the Emperor" under article 6, II, of the Imperial Constitution of 1853, and by Imperial Decree of 21 Jun, cf 30 Jun 1853. He was cf "Highness" and "Prince" (published Sep 1855).