This family descends from Ambat I, Prince of the Bagratids in 314, ancestor of Varaz-Tirots, Viceroy of Armenia (616-645), great-grandfather of Aschot III (726-761), ancestor of the lines of Kings of Georgia, and of the Kings of Armenia (the latter extinct in the male line). George I (996-1027), who united the Kingdoms of Abasgia and Iberia into the Kingdom of Georgia, was ancestor of the existing lines of the family which, at various times, shared sovereignty of Georgia and its dependent and neighbouring Principalities and Kingdoms. He was ancestor of Bagrat V, King of Georgia (1360-1395) and King of Imeritia (1360-1386). The latter’s second son, Constantin I (1405-1412) was founder of the two lines of Bagration (Kings of Georgia., Princes of Moukhrani) and of Kings of Imeritia, this last represented by the family of Bagration of Imeritia, IMERITINSKY (see below). Alexander I (d 1446), was father of George VIII, Tsar of Kartli, and Dmitri III, founder of the line of Tsars of Kakhetia (d 1476), last to rule in Georgia. Irakly II, Tsar of Kakhetia, united Georgia as Tsar of Kartli and Kakhetia 1725 and after breaking with the Shah of Persia placed Georgia under the protection of Russia by treaty of 24 Jul 1783. This stated that Georgia had never been a vassal of the Shah of Persia, or any other power and that the Georgian Tsar recognised for himself and his descendants the supreme power and protection of Russia, swearing to support the Russian Crown and come to the aid of Russia if in need, while the Russian Emperor reciprocated by guaranteeing the sovereign integrity of Georgia. Russia further undertook to assist Tsar Irakly recover those former possessions of the Kingdom that had been alienated earlier. Irakly II’s successor, George XII, d 28 Dec 1800 and, on 12 Sep 1801, the latter’s son and heir David was dispossessed by the annexation of Georgia to Russia in breach of the 1783 Treaty. Russia conferred on the children of the exiled King and his family the title of Princes of Georgia (Prince Grousinsky) and Serene Highness, for all the male line descendants of King George XII (26 Jul 1865). This line was believed to have become extinct in 1935 with the death of Prince Michael Alexandrovich of Georgia, when the line of Princes Bagration of Moukhrani, founded by Constantine I, 8th Prince of Moukhrani (ruling 1658-68), younger brother of King Vakhtang V of Georgia, assumed the headship of the House. Two surviving lines, however, have emerged from the chaos of the former Soviet Union, see below B

A. Bagration of Moukhrani line

Descended from Constantine II, Tsar of Kartli, who had with other issue, two sons; the elder, David VIII (d 1525/6), founded the line of Kings of Georgia extinct in the male line with Rostom, Tsar of Kartli, d 1658. The yr son, Bagrat I (d 1539), was Prince of Moukhrani 1512-39, gd-father of Bagrat II (d 1624), 4th Prince of Moukhrani, Regent of Kartli 1573-74, father of (1) Vakhtang II, 7th Prince of Moukhrani, succ as Vakhtang V, Tsar of Kartli 1658 (converted to Islam as Shah Naway I and d 1675), gd father of Vakhtang VI, Tsar of Kartli (b 15 Sep 1675; d in Russia 27 Mar 1737), deposed and exiled 1725, whose descendants became extinct in the male line late 19th century; (2) Constantine I, 8th Prince of Moukhrani 1658-68, father of Prince Theimouraz, confirmed as Prince of Moukhrani 1687. The members of this family were confirmed as Prince Bagration of Moukhrani by decrees of the Council of the Empire 20 Sep 1825, 25 Mar 1826 and 8 Dec 1850, cf Senate 25 Mar 1836, 7 June & 7 Jul 1847, 10 May 1850, 16 Apr 1858, 2 Dec 1864 and 1 Mar 1872).


B. Last Georgian reigning line

Descended from Tsarevich Bagrat Georgievich (b 1776; d ), 4th son of King George XII , penultimate Tsar of Kartli and Kakheti (reigned 1798-1800), Most Serene Tsar and Highness (so styled in the Treaty between the Tsar of Russia and Tsar Irakly II of 24 Jul 1783). Accorded the title Princes of Georgia (Prince Grouzinsky) and Serene Highness, for all the male line descendants of King George XII (26 Jul 1865). These titles cf by the Senate 15 Mar 1867, 17 Dec 1873, 11 Feb 1874, 9 Apr 1879 and 31 Jan 1885.



A branch of the family of Bagration of Georgia, this family descends from Alexander II, King of Imeritia (d 1510), great-grandson of Constantine I, King of Georgia (d 1412). The last reigning King was Salomon II (b 1773; d 1815), King from 1789-1810, who signed a treaty with Russia putting his Kingdom under the protection of the Tsar 24 Apr 1804. Despite the terms of this Treaty, Russia forcibly incorporated Imeritia into Russia in 1810. The descendants of King Alexander V (grandfather of Salomon II and uncle of David II), were accorded the title of Prince Bagration of Imeritia (Bagration-Imeritinsky) with the qualification of Serene Highness by the Senate of the Empire 10 May 1876 (now extinct). The present line descends from King David II (b 1756; d 1795), King of Imeritia from 1784-89. The latter settled in Russia on losing his throne, and was accorded the title of "Tsaritsa", his children receiving the titles of Tsarevich and Tsarevna of Imeritia by decision of the Council of the Empire 12 Sep 1804 (cf by the Council of Ministers 26 Mar 1812). The titles of Prince and Princess of Imeritia (Prince and Princess Imeritinsky) cf 25 Apr 1833 and 8 Mar 1860, with the qualification Serene Highness cf 20 Jun 1865 for the grandsons of King David II and their heirs. The descendants of Princes Vakhtang and Tariel of Imeritia, youngest sons of King David II, were accorded the titles of Prince Bagration-Davydoff 21 Dec 1849, cf by the Senate 21 Aug 1857 and 4 Sep 1889 (extinct).