Another such claimant is Paul Hohenzollern (ex-Lambrino), self-styled H.R.H. Prince Paul of Romania. This claimant is the son of Mircea (Carol) Lambrino, the son of the late King Carol II of Romania by Iona Lambrino. The couple celebrated an Orthodox religious marriage which was probably valid according to Orthodox Canon Law but which did not have the prior permission of the reigning King. The marriage was legally annulled by the Romanian Parliament and their son Mircea born after the annulment. The later took action in the Portuguese (King Carol II died in Portugal) and French courts after his father's death in an attempt to establish his right to the royal styles and titles, but succeeded only in obtaining recognition of the name Hohenzollern, in place of Lambrino, and that he was indeed Carol's son and entitled as such to inherit a portion of his property. These Courts could not, of course, pronounce on the succession to the Romanian Crown.

Paul has devoted his adult life to trying to prove this claim, and has earned the enmity of King Michael and Queen Anne of Romania in the meanwhile. With the help of the Romanian Courts, which have never enjoyed a reputation for impartiality and were for long the instruments of the brutal communist dictatorship, Paul has now obtained recognition that his grandparent's marriage was legal- which of course serves to place in question the rights of King Michael (the reason Paul has obtained the support of the anti-Monarchists Romanian establishment).

The legality of the annulment of the marriage was not only unchallenged at the time, but significantly, after eventually becoming King, Carol II did not attempt to undo this act nor declare his son Mircea legitimate. Neither did he ever name Mircea as his heir, which would have been a sign that he continued to believe his first marriage valid (even if insufficient in Romanian law to change the legal succession of King Michael). Prince Paul has claimed with some justice that the Parliament's annulment of his grandparent's marriage was passed before the requirement for equal marriage was included in the Constitution. But the annulment was passed nonetheless, and eventually acknowledged by Carol II himself who remarried twice. Mircea Carol Hohenzollern ex-Lambrino, who has one son by each of his first two wives and none by his third, was closely involved with a self-styled "Order of Saint John" and the world of fantasy Orders and tiles.

The latter's elder son, Paul, has founded the "Prince Paul Foundation for Romania" which has raised funds to benefit Romanian charities and he himself has taken up permanent residence in Romania. He has been permitted to do so by the government which is anxious to diminish the position and influence of King Michael; in playing the role assigned to him, Paul has done much greater harm to the Monarchist cause than he has ever done to advance it.