ROYAL DECREE 2099, 4 Aug 1983 regulating the general Order of Precedence in Spain. This list also includes the minor amendments made by the Chief of Protocol of the State, and with co-ordination with the head of Protocol of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (see bis nubmers). This list is for all general officials acts organized by the Crown, the Government or the State Administration, in Madrid.

  1.         The King or Queen
  2.         The Queen Consort, or Consort of the King
  3.         Prince or Princess of the Asturias
  4.         Infants of Spain
  5.         President of the Government
  6.         President of the Congress of Deputies
  7.         President of the Senate
  8.         President of the Constitutional Tribunal
  9.         President of the General Council of Judicial Power
  10.         Vice-presidents of the Government
  11.         Government Ministers
    11 bis    Cardinals
  12.         Dean of the Diplomatic Corps and Ambassadors Extraordinary accredited to Spain (by date of appointment)
  13.         Ex Presidents of the Government
  14.         Presidents of the Government Councils of the Autonomous Communities
  15.         Leader of the Opposition
  16.         Mayor of Madrid
  17.         Head of the Royal Household
  18.         President of the Council of State
  19.         President of the Tribunal of Accounts
  20.         Auditor-General of the State
  21.         The Public defender
  22.         Secretaries of State, and Presidents of the Junta of General Staff, and heads of the General Staff of the Army, Navy and Air          Force
    22 bis Ambassadors of Spain (Numerary), & then Grandees of Spain
  1.         Vice-Presidents of the Committees of the Congress of Deputies and the Senate
  2.         President of the Supreme Council of Military Justice
  3.         Delegate of the Government in the Autonomous Community of Madrid
  4.         Captain general of the First Military Region, Admiral head of the Central Naval Jurisdiction and Lt-Gen head of the First Air          Force Region
  5.         Head of the Military Section and Secretary-General of the Royal Household
  6.         Lieutenant-Generals
    27 bis Ex-Ministers, Ambassadors of Spain, Lieutenant-Generals

  7.         Undersecretaries of State and equivalent
  8.         Secretaries of the Committees of the Congress of Deputies and the Senate
  9.         President of the Legislative Assembly of the Autonomous Community of Madrid
  10.         Chargé des Affaires accredited to Spain
  11.         President of the Institute of Spain
  12. 32 bis Presidents of the Royal Academies and Members thereof

  13.         Head of Protocol of the State
  14. 33 bis Generals of Division, Archbishops and equivalent categories of other religious confessions

  15.         Directors-General of Ministries and equivalents
  16. 34 bis Grand Crosses of Orders and Titles of the Kingdom (holders of)

  17.         Members of the Council of the Government in the Autonomous Community of Madrid
  18.         Members of the Committee of the legislative Assembly of Madrid
  19.         President and Auditor of the Superior Tribunal of Justice of the Autonomous Community of Madrid
  20.         Deputies and Senators for Madrid
  21.         Rectors of the Universities in Madrid
  22.         Military Governor of Madrid
  23.         Lieutenant Mayors of Madrid

The internal precedence among high charges of the Presidency of the Government shall be determined by the President thereof. Within each Ministry it shall be determined by the respective Minister.

In the Autonomous Regions it follows the same order as Madrid, with the substitution of that region for Madrid. These are more abbreviated as the central government is omitted; the head of Protocol of the State is immediately followed by the Civil Governor of the Province, who is followed by the local Bishop(s), and then the President of the Provincial Deputation.

All bis numbers were added in the final appendix to the original royal decree, and published in the Manual of Protocol of the Spanish Diplomatic Service.