World Orders of Knighthood & Merit

Guy Stair Sainty, Editor
Rafal Heydel-Mankoo, Deputy Editor

Burkeís Peerage is delighted to announce our new digital edition of the definitive study of the extant Orders of Knighthood and merit of every state. World Orders of Knighthood & Merit is widely accepted as one of the most important works ever produced on the subject and will remain the definitive guide for many years to come. This 2,100 page full-colour book is of great interest to academics, historians, collectors, monarchists, heraldry enthusiasts and those who are members of any of the numerous international, noble and state Orders. Each Orderís foundation date, purpose, structure, investiture details, officers and membership requirements are listed along with precise descriptions of the insignia. This lavishly illustrated full-colour publication contains colour illustrations of the uniforms, robes and insignia as well as many photographs and paintings of Order-related places and people, diplomas, armorial bearings and ceremonies of investiture.

World Orders of Knighthood & Merit is available to individuals, organisations and libraries. Users of subscribing UK Public Libraries can access it both within the library and remotely on their home computers. The book is also accessible on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad using the built-in browser or the free Exactly application.

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