Pretensions of the Duke of Parma to be Carlist claimant

(Hugues) CARLOS HUGO Xavier Marie Sixte Louis Robert Jean Georges Benoit Michel, DUKE OF PARMA, PIACENZA AND GUASTALLA AND THE ANNEXED STATES, and Grand Master of the Parmesan Constantinian Order of Saint George and the Order of San Luigi, succ 7 May 1977, b at Paris 8 Apr 1930, son of François Xavier, Duke of Parma, etc (b 25 May 1889; styled Francisco Javier I, King of Spain 30 May 1952, assumed the title Count of Molina Aug 1964, and conferred the titles of Infant or Infanta of Spain on his children; d 7 May 1977) and Madeleine de Bourbon-Busset (b at Paris 23 Mar 1898; m 12 Nov 1927; d 1 Sep 1984); cr by his father Prince of the Asturias 5 May 1957, and Duke of San Jaime 29 Sep 1961/4 Nov 1963, assumed the title Duke of Madrid Feb 1964 and the rank of Kt of Golden Fleece, assumed Carlist leadership 8 Apr 1975, naturalised Spanish as Carlos-Hugo de Borbón-Parma y Borbón, by RD 5 Jan 1979; m at the French Consulate, Rome (civ) and at the Borghese Chapel, Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome 29 Apr 1964 (m diss by div at Utrecht 26 May 1981), Princess Irene (Schloss Soestdijk, Baarn, Prov. Utrecht, Netherlands) (b at Soestdijk Palace, Baarn,, Utrecht 5 Aug 1939), converted to Catholicism at Rome 3 Jan 1964, dau of Bernhard, Prince zur Lippe-Biesterfeld, Prince of the Netherlands and Juliana, Queen of the Netherlands (incorporated into the Dutch nobility with the titles of Prince or Princess of Bourbon-Parma ………).
(Las Nozias, Bl. 12-2B, Claveles 43, 28023 Majadahonda, Prov. Madrid, Spain).

Sons & Daughters

1. Prince Carlos Xavier Bernardo Sixto Maria, cr by his father Prince of Piacenza, 2 Sep 1996, b at Nimeguen, Netherlands 27 Jan 1970.

2. Prince Jaime Bernardo, cr by his father Count of Bardi, 2 Sep 1996, b at Nimeguen 13 Oct 1972.

3. Princess Margarita Marie Beatrice, cr by her father Countess of Colorno, 2 Sep 1996, b at Nimeguen 13 Oct 1972 (twin with Prince Jaime).

4. Princess María-Carolina Christine, cr by her father, Marchioness of Sala, 2 Sep 1996, b at Nimeguen 23 Jun 1974.

Brother & Sisters

1. Princess Marie Françoise Antoinette Jeanne Madeleine, b at Paris 10 Aug 1928; Gd Cross Hon & Dev Sov Mil Order of Malta, Cdr Orders of Saint Gregory the Great, the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, m at Besson, Allier (civ) 12 Dec 1959 and at Paris (relig) 7 Jan 1960, Eduard, Prince of Lobkowicz (b at New York 12 Jun 1926), Bailiff Gd Cross Hon & Dev Sov Mil Order of Malta, Bailiff Gd Cross Constantinian Order of Saint George, son of H.S.H. Prince Eduard of Lobkowicz and Anita Lihme.
(30 avenue Marceau, 75008 Paris, France; Manoir d'Ujezd, Grainville Ymauville, 76110 Goderville, France).

2. Princess Marie-Thérèse Cecile Zita Charlotte, b at Paris 28 Jul 1933, Dr soc, created "Countess of Poblet" by her father as Carlist pretender.
(Las Norias, Claveles 43, Bloque 12-2B, 29023 Majadahonda, Prov. Madrid, Spain).

3. Princess Cécile Marie Antoinette Madeleine Jeanne Agnes Françoise b at Paris 12 Apr 1935.
(45 rue Notre Dame des Champs, 75006 Paris, France).

4. Princess Marie-des-Neiges Madeleine Françoise, b at Paris 29 Apr 1937, Dr Bioligist.
(El Pinar del Plantillo, Calle Ateanea 2, 28023 Majadahonda, Prov. Madrid, Spain).

5. Prince Sixte Henri Hugues François Xavier, b at Pau, Bearn 22 Jul 1940, cr Duke of Aranjuez by his father (as Carlist claimant to the Spanish Throne, 4 Nov 1963).
(38 bis rue Fabert, 75007 Paris, France).

Half-Brothers & Brothers of Father

Issue of Roberto I, last reigning Duke of Parma (b 9 Jul 1848; d 16 Nov 1907) and his:

A): - 1st wife, Princess Maria Pia delle Grazie of the Two Sicilies (b 2 Aug 1849; m 5 Apr 1869; d 29 Sep 1882), having had issue, among whom,

1. Enrico I (Henri 1) Maria Alberto Ferdinando Carlo Pio Luigi Antonio, titular Duke of Parma and Piacenza, b at Wartegg 13 Jun 1873; d at Pianore 10 May 1939.

2. Giuseppe I (Joseph I) Maria Pietro Paolo Francesco Roberto Tomaso Dame'Aquino Andreas Avellino Biagio Mauro Carlo Stanislao Luigi Filippo Neri Leone Bernardo Antonio Ferdinando, titular Duke of Parma and Piacenza, b at Biarritz 30 Jun 1875; d at Pianore 7 Jan 1950.

3. Elias I (Élie I) Roberto Carlo Maria Pio Giuseppe, Duke of Parma and Piacenza, (b at Biarritz 23 Jul 1880; d at Friedberg, Austria 27 Jun 1959, acted as head of the Ducal Family from the death of his father in 1907; Kt Order of the Golden Fleece (Austria), m at Vienna 25 May 1903, Archduchess Maria Anna (b at Linz 6 Jan 1882; d at Lausanne 25 Feb 1940), dau of Archduke Friedrich of Austria, Duke of Teschen and Princess Nathalie von Croy, and had issue,

1). Princess Elisabetta (Elisabeth) Maria Anna Pia Luisa, b at Vienna 17 Mar 1904; Gd Cross Constantinian Order of Saint George (Two Sicilies), d at Bad Ischl 13 Jun 1983.

2). Prince Carlo Luigi (Charles-Louis) Federigo Antonio Roberto Elias Maria, b at Vienna 23 Sep 1905; d at Baden, nr Vienna 26 Sep 1912.

3). Princess Maria Francesca Giuseppa Raniera Enrichetta Pia Luisa, b at Weilburg 5 Sep 1906; Gd Cross Constantinian Order of Saint George (Two Sicilies), d at Friburg, Switzerland 20 Feb 1994.

4). Roberto II (Robert II) Ranieri Alexis Luigi Enrico Deodato Elias Pio Maria, Duke of Parma and Piacenza, b at Weilburg, nr Baden, Lower Austria 7 Aug 1909; dunm at Vienna 22 Nov 1974, Kt Golden Fleece, Kt Order of Saint Januarius, Bailiff Gd Cross Constantinian Order of Saint George (Two Sicilies).

5). Prince Francesco (François) Alfonso Gabriele Luigi Enrico Roberto Pio Carlo Elias Maria, b at Weilburg 14 Jun 1913; dunm at Magyar-Ovar, Hungary 29 May 1939.

6). Princess Giovanna (Jeanne) Isabella Alfonsina Pia Luisa Maria, b at Weilburg 8 Jul 1916; k in a shooting accident at Toledana, Spain 31 Oct/1 Nov 1949.

7). Princess Alice (Alicia) Maria Teresa Francesca Luisa Pia Anna Valeria, b at Vienna 13 Nov 1917; Infanta Alicia of Spain, Duchess of Calabria, Gd Cross Constantinian Order of Saint George (Two Sicilies), Gd Cross Maria Luisa, etc, presently senior representative of Edward the Confessor King of England, David I King of Scotland and the ancient Kings of Navarre, m at Vienna 16 Apr 1936, Prince Alfonso of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Duke of Calabria, Infant of Spain, Head of the Royal House of the Two Sicilies (b at Madrid 3 Nov 1901; d there 3 Feb 1964). (La Toledana, Prov. Toledo, Spain).

8). Princess Maria Cristina (Marie Christine) Albertina Enrichetta Luisa Pia Carlotta, b at Vienna 7 Jun 1925, Gd Cross Constantinian Order of Saint George (Two Sicilies).
(Metternich Gasse 7, 1030 Vienna, Austria).

B):- 2nd wife, Infanta Maria Antonia of Portugal (b 28 Nov 1862; m 15 Oct 1884; d 14 May 1959), having had issue, among whom,

4. Prince Sisto (Sixte) Ferdinando Maria Ignazio Alfonso Roberto Michael Francesco Carlo Luigi Saverio Giuseppe Antonio Pio Taddeo Giovanni Sebastiano Paolo Biagio Estanislao Benedetto Bernardo Marco, b at Wartegg 1 Aug 1886; d at Paris 14 Mar 1934, author of historical works; m at Paris (civ) 11 Nov (relig) 12 Nov 1919 Hedwige (b at Paris 15 Feb 1896; d at Paris 7 May 1986), dau of Armand de la Rochefoucauld, Duke of Bisaccia, 5th Duke of Doudeauville and Princess Louise Radziwill, and had issue,

Princess Isabelle Marie Antoinette Louise Hedwige, b at Pans 14 Mar 1922; m there civ 22 & rel 23 Jun 1943 (m diss by div at Paris 22 Jun 1966), Roger, Comte de La Rochefoucauld, of the Dukes of Estissac (b at Paris 8 Oct 1915; k in a flying accident nr Saint Germain-les-Paroisses , Dept Ain 13 Apr 1970 ).

(107 avenue Henri-Martin, 75016 Paris, France; Chateau de Bonnetable, 72110 Bonnetable, France).

5. Prince Felice (Felix) Maria Vincenzo Marie Vincent, b at Schwarz au am Steinfelde 28 Sep 1893; d at Luxembourg 8 Apr 1970, naturalized in Luxembourg and granted the title of Prince of Luxembourg 5 Nov 1919; m at Luxembourg 6 Nov 1919, Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg (b at Schloss Berg 23 Jan 1896; d at Schloss Fischbach 9 Jul 1985), and had issue (see LUXEMBOURG).

6. Prince Renato (René) Carlo Maria Giuseppe, b at Schwartzau 17 Oct 1894; d at Hellerup 30 Jul 1962; m at Copenhagen 9 Jun 1921, Princess Margrethe (b at Bernstorffshoj 17 Sep 1895; d at Brodrejoj 18 Sep 1992), dau of Prince Valdemar of Denmark and Princess Marie of Orléans, and had issue,

1). Prince Jacques Marie Antoine Robert Valdemar Charles Felix Sixte Ansger, b at Longwy, France 9 Jun 1922; d nr Roskilde, Denmark 5 Nov 1964; m at Ledreborg 9 Jun 1947, Countess Birgitte (b at Ledreborg 29 Jun 1922), dau of Joseph, Count Holstein-Ledreborg and Countess Christina Hamilton, and had issue,
(Fredshoj, 4320 Lejre, Denmark).

(1). Prince Philippe, b at Hellerup, nr Copenhagen 22 Jan 1949; m (non dynastic) at Ledreborg 5 May 1979, Annette (b at Koge, Seeland, Denmark 24 Apr 1955), dau of Carl Christian Smith and Lise Andersen, and has issue,
(Kisserupvej 5, 4320 Lejre, Denmark).

1. Prince Jacques Carl Christian Marie, b at Roskilde 3 Jan 1986.

2. Prince Joseph Axel Alain Erik Marie, b at Roskile 6 Jun 1989.

(2). Princess Lorraine Charlotte Tatjana Ebba Jeanne Maria Antonia Josephine Renee b at Roskilde 27 Jul 1951, Kindergarten Teacher.
(Fredshoj, 4320 Lejre, Denmark).

(3). Prince Alain Jean Knud Bernard Felix Marie Rene Joseph, b at Roskilde 15 May 1955, Mechanic.
(Hvalsøvej 375, 4330 Hvalse, Denmark).

2). Princess Anne Antoinette Françoise Charlotte, b at Paris 18 Sep 1923; converted to Greek orthodox faith, m at Athens 10 Jun 1948, Michael 1, King of Roumania (b at Sinaia 25 Oct 1921).
(77 chemin Louis Degallier, 1290 Versoix, Kt. Genf Switzerland).

3). Prince Michel Marie Xavier Valdemar Georges Robert Charles Aymard, b at Paris 4 Mar 1926, Factory Director, m at Paris (civ) 23 May and (relig) 9 Jun 1951 (sep at Paris 22 Jun 1966), Princess Yolande (71 blvd Saint Antoine, 78000 Versailles, France) (b at Paris 26 Apr 1928), dau of Prince Joseph de Broglie-Revel and Marguerite (Daisy) de la Cour Balleroy, and has issue,
(Le Buisson, 69 boulevard Saint. Antoine, 78000 Versailles, France).

(1). Princess Inés Marie Josephe Marguerite Yolande Tatiana, b at Boulogne-Billancourt, Hauts de Seine 9 May 1952; d at London 20 Oct 1981.

(2). Prince Eric Marie Joseph Rend Michel Pierre, b at Copenhagen 28 Aug 1953; m at Ledreborg 8 Aug 1980, Countess Lydia (b at Roskilde 22 Feb 1955), dau of Knud, Count (Lensgreve) Holstein-Ledreborg, of Ledreborg and Princess Marie Gabrielle of Luxemburg, Bourbon-Parma and of Nassau, and has issue,
(69 boulevard Saint. Antoine, 78000 Versailles, France).

1. Princess Antonia Monique Charlotte Marie, b at Roskilde 10 Jun 1981.

2. Princess Marie Gabrielle Yolande Camilla Philippine, b at Paris 23 Dec 1982.

3. Princess Alexia Thérèse Sybille Eric Charles Marie, b at Palm Beach, Florida 7 Mar 1985.

4. Prince Michel Knud John Joseph Marie, b at Lejre, nr Roskilde 12 Feb 1989.

5. Henri Luitpold Antoine Victor Marie Joseph, b at Roskilde 14 Oct 1991.

(3). Princess Sybil Marie Josephe Anne Victoire, b at Paris 10 Nov 1954.

(4). Princess Victoire Maria Pia Josephe Philippe Isaure, b at Boulogne-Billancourt 8 Nov 1957; m Paris 25 Feb (civ) and at Beaumont le Roger, Eure 26 Feb (relig) 1974 (m diss by div .. Dec 1988), Alexis, Baron von Gecmen-Waldeck (b at Prague 11 Jul 1943), Businessman.

(5). Prince Charles (Charles Emmanuel) Marie Joseph Jacques Hely, b at Paris 23 Jun 1961; m at Dampierre 25 May 1991 (relig), Constance (b at Paris 18 Jul 1971), dau of Baron Yves de Ravinel and Comtesse Alexe de Castellane, and has issue,
(69 boulevard Saint. Antoine, 78000 Versailles, France).

1. Prince Amaury Yves Michel Marie Joseph, b at Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris 30 Oct 1991.

2. Princess Charlotte Alexe Yolande Marie Joseph, b at Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris 18 Jul 1993.

3. Princess Elizabeth, b at Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris 12 Jun 1996.

4). Prince André Marie, b at Paris 6 Mar 1928, Dipl Econ m (non dynastic) at Paris 2 May (civ) and at Villefranche, nr Nice 9 May (relig) 1960, Marina (b at Paris 5 Sep 1935), dau of Paul Gacry and Yvonne Dessaules, and has issue,
(69 boulevard Saint. Antoine, 78000 Versailles, France).

(1). Princess Sophie (Tania), b 13 Nov 1961; m at La Bussière 8 Jul (civ) and at Buisson, Losere France (relig) 9 Aug 1988, Gilbert (Gaya) Silly (dit Becaud) (b at Paris 2 Feb 1953).

(2). Princess Astrid, b 29 Sep 1964.

(3). Prince Axel, b 18 Sep 1967, m 17 Aug (civ ) Sep (relig) 1996 Raphaële de Montangon (b at ... 9 June 1971), natural dau of Jean Paul Bonnes and Ghislaine de Montangon, and have issue,

Prince Côme, b at ... ... May 1997.

7. Prince Luigi (Louis) Carlo Maria Leopoldo Roberto, b at Schwarzau 5 Dec 1899; d at Mandelieu 4 Dec 1967, Kt Hon & Dev Sov Mil Order of Malta; m at Rome 23 Jan 1939, Princess Maria (b at Rome 26 Dec 1914), Dame Star Cross, Dame Hon & Dev Sov Mil Order of Malta, dau of Vittorio Emanuele III, King of Italy and Princess Elena of Montenegro, and had issue,
(Mas Saint-Rimy, 06210 Mandelieu, France).

1). Prince Guido (Guy) Sisto Luigi Roberto Vittorio, b at Cannes 7 Aug 1940; d at Paris 10 Mar 1991; m (non dynastic) at Cannes 10 Jul (civ) and 11 Jul (relig) 1964 (m diss by div at Nanterre, Hauts de Seine 17 Sep 1981), Brigitte (b at Cannes 13 Aug 1943; d at Lausanne 25 Feb 1993), dau of Victor Peu-Duvallon and Maria (Nina) Munzinger, and has issue, one son

Prince Louis Victor-Emmanuel Sixte Robert, b at Paris 25 Jun 1966; m at Prangins, Switzerland 11 May 1990, Ariane Nicolet (b at Tramelan, Switzerland 16 Jan 1966), and has issue,

1. Princess Delphine, b at Lausanne 11 Jul 1992.

2. Prince Guy, b at Genolier, Vaud, 6 Feb 1995.

2). Prince Remigio (Rémy) Francesco Saverio Luigi Roberto Vittorio, b at Cannes 14 Jul 1942; m (at Saint-Prix, Val d'Oise 8 Feb (civ) and at Paris 10 Feb (relig) 1973 (m diss by div at Paris 21 Mar 1983), Laurence (10 rue du Dr. Calmette, Les Oliviers, 06110 Le Cannet, France) (b at Paris VIII 18 Jan 1951), dau of Christian Dufresne d'Arganchy and Genevieve Normand, and has issue,
(Mas Saint-Rimy, 06210 Mandelieu, Alpes Maritimes)

(1). Prince Tristan Louis Christian Thierry Marie, b at Cannes 30 Jun 1974.

(2). Princess Aude b at Cannes 26 Jan 1977.

3). Princess Jeanne Chantal Marie Hélène Antoinette Charlotte, b at Cannes 24 Nov 1946; m 1stly at Mandelieu I Jul (civ) and at Cannes 23 Sep (relig) 1977 (m diss by div at Paris 26 Nov 1987), Panayotis Skinas (b at Athens 8 Mar 1937), Art Expert. She m 2ndly at Sainte-Thorette, Cher 24 Sep 1988, Frangois Henri des Georges (b at Nice 4 Mar 1941).

4). Prince Jean Bernard Rémy, b at Cannes 15 Oct 1961, Bank Assistant; m (non dynastic) at Antibes, Alpes Maritimes 21 Mar (civ) and at Juan-les-Pins, Alpes Maritimes 26 Mar (relig) 1988, Virginie (b at Saint Chamond, Dept Loire 31 Aug 1964), Book-keeper, dau of Guy Roatta and Andree Obeniche, and has issue,
(Mas Saint-Rémy, 06210 Mandelieu, Alpes Maritimes, France).

(1). Prince Arnaud, b at Cannes 26 Oct 1989.

(2). Prince Christophe, b at Mandelieu 4 Jul 1991.

8. Prince Gaetano (Gaetan) Maria Giuseppe Pio, b at Pianore 11 Jun 1905; d at Mandelieu 9 Mar 1958; m at Paris 29 Apr 1931 (m diss by div at Budapest 30 Aug 1940 and at Paris 24 Jan 1950), Princess Margarete (b at Beloeil, Belgium 8 Nov 1909), dau of Alexander, Prince von Thum und Taxis, Ist Duke of Castel-Duino, and Princess Marie de Ligne, and had issue, (Hotel Atlantico, 5042 Forte dei Marini, Prov. Lucca, France).

Princess Diane Marguerite, b at Paris 22 May 1932, m 1stly in London 15 Mar (civ) and at Krauchenwies, nr Sigmaringen 16 Apr (relig) 1955 (m diss by div at Stuttgart 19 Jan 1961 and annulled 17 Jan 1980), Prince Franz Joseph of Hohenzollern (b at Schloss Umkirch 15 Mar 1926; m 1stly at Regensburg 15 Jul 1950, Princess Fernanda von Thurn und Taxis; that m diss by div at Freiburg im Breisgau 30 Oct 1951 and annulled 7 Dec 1954; he d at 13 Mar 1996). She m 2ndly at Stuttgart 21 Mar 1961, Hans Joachim Oehmichen (b at Bamitz, Meissen 4 Apr 1920; d at Bad Krozingen 11 Jul 1995).

(Graser Weg 3, 7812 Bad Kronzingen, Germany).