First Branch

LUIS ALFONSO LUIS ALFONSO Gonzalo Victor Manuel Marco, cr Duke of Touraine by his father 19 Sep 1981, and Duke of Bourbon 27 Sep 1984, succ his father as primogeniture representative of the House of France, and assumed title of DUKE OF ANJOU and the Headship of the House of France, and as such Grand Master of the Royal Orders 2 Feb 1989 (Kt of Holy Spirit by his grdfather Apr 1974), b at Madrid 25 Apr 1974.


Issue of Alfonso Jaime Marcelino Manuel Victor María, cr Duke of Bourbon by his father 25 Nov 1950, and later cr Duke of Burgundy, succ his father Infant Jaime as primogeniture representative of the House of France 20 Mar 1975, and assumed the title of Duke of Anjou and Head of the House of France 3 Aug 1975, Bailiff Gd Cross Constantinian Order of Saint George, Gd Cross Orders of Isabel the Catholic, Saint Maurice & Lazarus, Polar Star of Sweden, Kt Hon & Dev of Sov Mil Order of Malta, b 20 Apr 1936; d accidentally at Beaver Creek, Colorado, 30 Jan 1989, cr Duke of Cadiz with the qualification of Royal Highness, Spain, 22 Nov 1972 (title limited ad personam Nov 1987), Spanish Ambassador to Sweden 1970-73, President Spanish Institute of Culture 1973; m in at El Pardo 8 Mar 1972 (separated 16 nov 1979, m diss by div at Madrid 14 May 1983 and religiously annulled there 16 Dec 1986), María del Carmen (b at Madrid 26 Feb 1951; m 2ndly at Rueil-Malmaison, Dept Hauts-de-Seine 11 Dec 1984, Jean Baptiste Mario Rossi, Antiquarian; separated. Sep 1994, m diss by div 20 Jun 1995), dau of Cristóbal Martinez y Bordiu, 10th Marquess of Villaverde and María del Carmen Franco y Polo, Duchess of Franco (dau of Generalisimo Francisco Franco y Bahamonde, Spanish Head of State).

Francisco Alfonso Jaime Cristobal Victor José Gonzalo Cecilio, cr Duke of Brittany by his grdfather 13 Oct 1973, and Duke of Bourbon by his father 3 Aug 1975, b at Madrid 22 Nov 1972; d (following an automobile accident) at Pamplona 7 Feb 1984.


Issue of Infant Jaime Luitpoldo Isabelino Enrique Alejandro Alberto Alfonso Victor Acacio Pedro Pablo María, b at San Ildefonso 23 Jun 1908; d at Saint Gallen, Switzerland 20 Mar 1975, renounced his right of succession to the Throne of Spain for himself and his descendants 21 Jun 1933 (and confirmed this renunciation 23 Jul 1945, and 17 Jun 1947), following the death of his father, King Alfonso XIII of Spain (see SPAIN), assumed the title of Duke of Anjou as primogeniture representative of the House of France, 28 Mar 1946, proclaiming himself Head of the House, cr Duke of Segovia by his father 4 Mar 1935, Kt Golden Fleece, Gd Cross Charles III, Gd Cross Isabel the Catholic, Gd Cmdr Order of Calatrava, Kt Order of Saint Januarius, Kt Elephant, Bailiff Gd Cross Constantinian Order of Saint George.

Gonzalo Victor Alfonso José Bonifacio Antonio Santos, cr Duke of Aquitaine by his father 21 Sep 1972, b at Rome 5 Jun 1937; Kt of the Holy Spirit and Saint Michel by his father, m 1stly at Puerta Vallarta, Mexico 28 Jan 1983 (m not registered at Spanish Consulate in Mexico and consequently invalid in Spain, separation 13 Apr 1983 m diss by div at ... 18 Apr 1984), Carmen (b at Madrid 23 Apr 1947; m 1stly at Madrid 28 Dec 1970 Juan Antonio de la Mora; that m diss by div 1978), dau of Rafael Harto and of Felisa Montealegre. He m 2ndly at Madrid, 25 Jun (civ) and Olmedo, nr Valladolid 30 Jun (relig) 1984 (separated at Madrid 7 Mar 1986 / 5 May 1987; m diss by div at Madrid 31 Jan 1989; m annulled at Florence .. Oct 1994, conf May 1995), María de las Mercedes (b at Valencia 15 Oct 1963), dau of Luis Licer and María de las Mercedes García y Estrada. He m 3rdly at Genoa, Italy 12 Dec 1992 (civ) and at Rome 17 Sep 1995 (relig), Emanuela (b at Genoa 22 Mar 1960), dau of Vincenzo Pratolongo, and Sofia Hardouin, of the Dukes of Gallese.
(Paseo de la Habana 15, 28036 Madrid, Spain).


(Victoria Jeanne Joséphine Pierre Marie) Emmanuela (b at Rome 8 Nov 1913; m 2ndly civilly at Vienna 21 Nov 1949, Antonio Sozzani who was b at Milan 12 Jul 1918, Banker), dau of Roger, Viscount de Dampierre, 2nd Duke of San Lorenzo and Vittoria Ruspoli of the Princes of Poggio-Suasa, m (non dynastic in Spain) 1stly at Rome 4 Mar 1935 (separated 1939, and m diss by div at Bucharest 6 May 1947 confirmed at Turin 3 Jun 1949, neither divorces recognized in Spain), the Infant Jaime, Duke of Segovia, later Duke of Anjou (see above), retained the title Duchess of Anjou and Segovia.
(Piazza di Campitelli 3, 00186 Rome, Italy)

Second Branch (SPAIN)


Descended from Infant Francisco de Paula of Bourbon (b at Madrid 10 Mar 1794; d at Madrid 13 Aug 1865), yr son of Charles IV, King of Spain, and Princess Luisa Carlotta of the Two Sicilies (b 24 Oct 1804; m 15 Apr 1819; d 29 Jan 1844).

H.H. Enrique María Fernando Carlos Francisco Luis, Infant of Spain, 1st Duke of Seville & Grandee of Spain (RD18 Apr 1823), b at Alcazar Real de Sevilla 17 Apr 1823; d (in a duel with his cousin the Duke of Montpensier) Alarcón, nr Madrid 12 Mar 1870, m at Rome (non-dynastic marriage in Spain) 6 May 1847, Elena María de la Asunción de Castellvi y Shelly (b at Valencia 16 Oct 1821; d at Madrid 29 Dec 1863), dau of Antonio de Castellvi y Fernández de Córdoba, 9th Count of Castellá, etc, and Margarita Shelly, and had with other issue,

1. Francisco de Paula María de la Trinidad Enrique Gabriel Rafael Edmundo Buenaventura, b at Toulouse 29 Mar 1853; d at Madrid 28 Mar 1942, General, m 1stly at Havana, Cuba 15 Sep 1877, María Luisa de la Torre y Bassave (b at Guamutas, Cuba 14 May 1856; d at Madrid 7 jun 1887), dau of José María de la Torre and María de los Dolores de Bassave). He m 2ndly at Madrid 15 Feb 1890, Felisa Carolina Rafaela María de Léon y Navarro de Balboa (b at Havana, Cuba 14 Jun 1861; d at Madrid 25 Sep 1943), only dau of Carlos de Léon y Navarrete, by Felisa Navarro de Balboa y Sánchez-Yebra, 2nd Marchioness of Balboa, and had by both marriages, among whom:

By 1st

1). H.E. Francisco de Paula María Enrique Alfonso José Rafael Miguel Gabriel, b at Madrid 16 Jan 1882; d at Madrid 6 Dec 1952, Lt-Gen, Mil Gov of Madrid, Member of Cortes, m at Madrid 21 Aug 1907 his cousin H.E. Enriqueta de Bourbon (Borbón) y Parade (b at Madrid 18 Jun 1885; d Valencia 5 Nov 1968), 4th Duchess of Seville & Grandee of Spain (succeeded her sister 24 Jun 1919), and had with other issue,

H.E. Francisco de Paula Enrique María Luis, b at Santander 16 Nov 1912; d at Villaviciosa de Odon, Madrid 18 Nov 1995, Army offr, renounced succession to title of Duke of Seville & Grandee of Spain in favor of his son 1968, m 1stly at Madrid 4 Oct 1942 /or 4 Nov 1941 (m annulled) Enriqueta Escasany y Miquel (b at Malaga 13 Oct 1925; d at Madrid 16 May 1962), dau of Ignacio Escasany y Auzeill and Enriqueta de Miquel y Mas, 2nd Marchioness of la Pobla de Claramunt. He m 2ndly at Madrid 15 Mar 1967 María Josefa García de Lobez y Salvador (b at Madrid 11 Dec 1928), dau of Nicolas García de Lobez and Dolores Salvador. He had issue,

By 1st

1. H.E. Francisco de Paula Enrique, 5th Duke of Seville & Grandee of Spain (BO 10 Dec 1974), Banker, b at Madrid 16 Nov 1943, m. at Baden-Baden (civ) 5 Jul, and (relig) 7 Jul 1973 (m diss by div at Madrid 30 Jun 1989), Beatrix Wilhelmina Paula, Countess of Hardenberg (b at Schloss Donaueschingen, Baden-Wurttemberg 28 Jun 1947), dau of Gunther, Count of Hardenberg, by H.S.H. Princess María Josefa zu Fürstenberg. He m 2ndly (civ) at Vienna 19 Oct 1991 (sep Madrid 17 Jun 1993) Isabel Eugenia (b at Vienna 23 Jun 1959), dau of Franz M. Karanitsch and Tatjana Cimloff Karacevcev, and has issue By 1st,

(Triana 12, 28016 Madrid, Spain)

1). Olivia Enricheta María Joséfa, b at London 6 Apr 1974.

2). Cristina Elena, b at Madrid 2 Sep 1975.

3). Francisco de Paula Joaquín, b at Madrid 21 Jan 1979.

2. Alfonso Carlos, b at Madrid 10 Feb 1945, m at Madrid 2 Jul 1971, María Luisa Yordi y Villacampa (b at Madrid 15 Apr 1949), dau of Lucian Yordi and María Luisa Villacampa, and had issue,

1). Alfonso Nicolas Enrique, b at Madrid 16 Nov 1973.

2). Alexandrina María Luisa, b at Madrid 24 May 1976.

By 2nd

3. Enrique Ignacio, b at Madrid 18 Mar 1970.

2). José María Enrique Alberto, b at Madrid 16 Dec 1883; d at Madrid 28 Oct 1962, Colonel infantry, m at Madrid 21 Jul 1909 María Luisa Rich y Carbajo (b at Madrid 22 Feb 1890; murdered by her husband at Madrid 5 Feb 1926), dau of Narciso Rich y Martínez and Estrella Carbajo y Gómez de Terán, and had with other issue,

(1). José Luis Francisco Narciso, b at Madrid 18 Jul 1910; exec by Republican forces at Gerona 29 Aug 1936; m at Montserrat, Barcelona 15 Nov 1933 María de Salsa y Puig (b at Barcelona 14 Feb 1912), dau of Fernando de Salsa y Armangol and Ana Puig y Zaragoza.
( …..)

(2). Carlos Luis José Francisco, b at Madrid 22 Mar 1915; d at Madrid 12 Nov 1978, m at Madrid 15 Feb 1939 María de los Milagros de Oro y Fernández de Cevallos (b at Ciempzuelos, Madrid, 12 May 1916; d at Madrid 20 Apr 1993), dau of Pascual de Oro y Sanchíz and Carolina Fernández de Cevallos y Fernández de Cevallos, and had issue,

1. Carlos José María de los Dolores, b at Madrid 26 Jun 1940.

2. María de los Milagros, b at Madrid 27 Nov 1941, m at Madrid 20 Dec 1965, Juan Ignacio Lopez Pérez (b at Bilbao 24 May 1931), son of Miguel Lopez and Amelia Pérez.

(3). Alberto José Luis Fernando, b at Madrid 2 Nov 1916, naturalised French as Albert de Bourbon (24 Mar 1970), m at Madrid 30 Jan 1950, María de los Dolores Campos y Guerra (b at Cuntis Piñeiro, Pontevedra, 4 Jun 1920), dau of José Campos y García and Manuela Guerra Puente, and has issue,

1. Enrique José, b at Madrid, 11 Jan 1948 (legitimated by his parents subsequent marriage).

2. Beatriz Eugenia, b at Madrid, 6 Dec 1949 (legitimated by her parents subsequent marriage); m 1stly at Paris (civ) 27 and (relig) 28 Apr 1972 (m diss by div 19 Nov 1979) Jean Baptiste Bernard Venturini (b at Vichy 3 Nov 1944). She m 2ndly at Copenhagen 28 Dec 1979 Anders Jeffert (b at Copenhagen 17 Dec 1947).

3. María Luisa, b at Madrid, 19 Dec 1951; m 1stly at Cancun, Mexico .. Jan 1979 (m diss by div …. 1981) Diego San Juan. She m 2ndly Luis Zuloega Gallejo.

4. Juan Carlos, b at La Coruna 28 Oct 1953; d at La Coruna 12 Dec 1953.

(4). Beatriz Josefa Luisa, b at Madrid 13 Jun 1918; m at Madrid 5/6 May 1935 Juan Ricoy y de Pereira (b at Cambados, Pontevedra, Galicia 26 May 1908; d at Luga, nr Madrid 19 Jan 1964).
(Padilla 22, 28006 Madrid, Spain)

(5). Alvaro José Luis Francisco Narcisio, b at Tetouan, Morocco 2 Jan 1922; m at Rute, Córdoba, 19 Jun 1961 María del Carmen Cruz Villen (b at Rute 26 Feb 1930), dau Agustin Cruz Pérez and Carmen Villen Seija, and has issue,
(Pedro Antonio de Alarcón 37, 18004 Granada, Spain)

1. María de los Milagros, b at Rute 9 May 1962, m at Granada 28 Nov 1987 Manuel Molina y Muñoz (b at Granada 6 Dec 1959).
(Paseo de la Pampa 1, 28940 Fuenlabrada, Madrid, Spain)

2. Maria del Carmen (twin), b at Rute 9 May 1962; m Granada 6 Dec 1988 Gustavo-Adolfo Porras (y) Chavarino (b at Granada 13 Feb 1965).
(Calle Ancha 73, 14700 Palma del Rio, Spain)

By 2nd

3). Enrique María Francisco de Paula, 3rd Marquess of Balboa (RD 24 May 1917), b at Madrid 6 Jul 1891; exec by Republican forces, at Aravaca, nr Madrid 29 Oct 1936, with his son and brother, m at Madrid 15 Jun 1917, Isabel de Esteban y Iranzo, 3rd Countess of Esteban (b at Madrid 6 Jun 1894; d at Madrid 14 Nov 1964), dau of Rafael de Esteban y La Torre, 2nd Count of Esteban, and Luisa de Iranzo y Daguerre, and had issue,

(1). Isabel María de las Mercedes, b at Madrid 23 Sep 1918, succ father as 4th Marquess of Balboa (BO 6 Apr 1956), and her mother as 4th Countess of Esteban (BO 4 Jan 1966).
(Velazqauez 23, 28001 Madrid, Spain)

(2). Jaime, b at Madrid 23 Apr 1921; exec by Republican forces at Aravaca, nr Madrid, 29 Oct 1936.

4). H.E. Alfonso María Francisco Martín Felix Joaquín Rafael Miguel, 2nd Marquess of Squillache and Grandee of Spain (14 Aug 1915), b at Madrid 24 Oct 1893; exec by Republican forces at Aravaca, nr Madrid, 29 Oct 1936, Gent of Chamber to Alfonso XIII, m at Barcelona 3 Jul 1925, María Luisa de Caralt y Mas (b at Barcelona 23 May 1898; d at Madrid 11 Oct 1981), dau of Baldomero de Caralt y Sala, former Gov Minister, by María de Mas y Martí, and had issue,

(1). H.E. Alfonso Luis, 3rd Marquess of Squillache & Grandee of Spain (BO 2 Mar 1951), b at Madrid 5 May 1926; Diplomat, Cdr Order of Isabel the Catholic, Offr Order of Civil Merit, Kt Order of Christ of Portugal, Gd Offr Orders of Phoenix of Greece, and Orange-Nassau of the Netherlands, Cdr Order of Saint Olav Norway,  m at Alicante 6 Jan 1958, H.E. María Teresa Rojas y Roca de Togores, Countess of Casa Rojas (BO 16 Aug 1974) (b at Madrid 7 Feb 1929), resigned succession to titles of Marchioness of the Bosch de Ares & Grandee of Spain, and of Beniel, and Countess of Torrellano, in favor of her children, dau of H.E. Carlos de Rojas y Moreno, 8th Marquess of the Bosch de Ares & Grandee of Spain, etc, by María Teresa Roca de Togores y Pérez del Pulgar, and has issue,
(Factor 14, 28013 Madrid, Spain)

1. H.E. María José, 10th Marchioness of the Bosch de Ares and Grandee of Spain (BO 7 Oct 1994), b at Madrid 27 Dec 1958; m at Berne, Switzerland 11 Apr 1987 Ramon de la Cierva y García Bermudez (b at Madrid 28 Mar 1956), Member of the Deputation of Grandezas y Titulos del Reino.
(Tamayo y Baus 6, 28004 Madrid, Spain)

2. Ana Isabel, 13th Marchioness of Beniel (BO 27 Nov 1996), b at Madrid 18 Feb 1960; m at San Lorenzo de Escorial, nr Madrid 7 Jan 1989 Daniel Tobár y Rojas (b at Santiago de Chile 28 Sep 1950).
(Juliana 18, El Escorial, 28280 Madrid, Spain)

3. María Leticia, 8th Countess of Torellano (BO 5 Oct 1994), b at Madrid 4 Jan 1962.

(2). Luis Alfonso, Air force offr, b at Barcelona 11 Sep 1927; k in an air crash Hoyo del Manzanares, nr Madrid 6 Jul 1952.

2. H.E. Alberto Enrique María Vicente Ferrer Francisco de Paula Antonio, cr 1st Duke of Santa Elena & Grandee of Spain (RD 31 Jul 1917), and 1st Marquess of Santa Elena & Grandee of Spain (RD 24 Oct 1878), b at Madrid 22 Feb 1854; d at Madrid 21 Jan 1939, Kt Order of the Golden Fleece, Capt-Gen of Valladolid and the Canary Islands, Lt-Gen, m 1stly at Beaumont de Lomagne, Tarn et Garonne (civ) 26 (and relig) 27 Nov 1878 Marguerite Joséphine d’Ast (b at Beaumont de Lomagne 27 Jun 1855; d Château de Bonneville, Sérignac 12 Aug 1915), dau of Louis Hélène Oscar d’Ast, Baron of Novelé, and Francisca de Paula de Castellvi y Shelly Fernández de Córdoba. He m 2ndly at Madrid 30 Jan 1918 Clotilde Gallo y Diaz de Bustamente (b at Madrid 3 Jun 1869; exec by the Republican forces at Madrid 18 Dec 1936), dau of Miguel Gallo y Ruíz, and Manuela Diez de Bustamente, widow of José María de la Viesca, 2nd Marquess of Viesca de la Serra. He m 3rdly at Madrid 5 Jun 1937, Isabel Rodríguez de Castro y Bueno, of the Marquesses of Bueno Mena (b at Seville 19 Apr 1888; d at Madrid 7 May 1947). He had issue by his 1st wife, among others, one son,

H.E. Alberto María Francisco de Paula Enrique Vicente Ferrer Luis Isidoro Benigno Oscar, 2nd Duke and Marquess of Santa Elena & Grandee of Spain (14 Apr 1956), b at Madrid 12 Feb 1883; d at Valladolid 1 Dec 1959; m at Valladolid 10 Jul 1908, María Luisa Catarina Sofia Pintó y Lecanda (b at Valladolid 30 Apr 1887; d at Madrid 13 Dec 1976), dau of José Antonio Pintó y Lara, of the Counts of Añorga, and María de Lecanda y Toca, and had issue,

(1). H.E. Alfonso María Alberto Luis José de Calasanz Antonio de Padua Javier Pedro Regalado, b at Valladolid 27 Aug 1909; d from wounds at Lerida 25 Dec 1938, m at Madrid 19 Mar 1933, María de las Angustias Pérez del Pulgar y Alba, 10th Marchioness of Santa Fé de Guardiola (1925) (b at Valladolid 17 Oct 1907; d at Valladolid 8 Jun 1939), dau of Cristóbal Pérez del Pulgar y Ramírez de Arellano, 1st Marquess of Abaicon, Colonel, and Felisa Alba y Bonifaz, and had issue,

1. H.E. Alberto Enrique Alfonso María Crisóbal Luis Fernando, 3rd Duke and Marquess of Santa Elena & Grandee of Spain (2 Apr 1960), 11th Marquess of Santa Fé de Guardiola (2 May 1958), b at Seville 23 Nov 1933; d 28 Jun 1995 m at Valladolid 27 Jun 1959 Eugenia Sánchiz y Mendaro (b at Madrid 10 Oct 1934), dau of Gonzalo María Sánchiz y Calatayud, 3rd Marquess of Montemira, and María de la Concepción Mendaro y Romero, and had issue,
(General Martínez Campos 39, 28010 Madrid, Spain)

1). Alberto, b at Madrid 30 Apr 1960; d at Madrid 15 May 1960.

2). H.E. Alfonso Gonzalo, 4th Duke and Marquess of Santa Elena & Grandee of Spain (29 Nov 1995), 12th Marquess of Santa Fé de Guardiola (24 Sep 1981), b at Madrid 31 Mar 1961; m 1stly (civ) at The Hague 20 Jul 1981 (m annulled ….), Patricia Doornkamp (b at The Hague 23 Feb 1958); m 2ndly at Madrid 11 Feb 1993, María Escriva de Romaní y Soto (b at Madrid 29 Dec 1956), dau of Luis Escriva de Romaní, Count of Glimes de Brabante & Grandee of Spain, and María Soto y Colón de Carvajal, and has issue,
(Paseo de la Castellana 98, 28046 Madrid, Spain)

(1). María, b at Madrid 10 Jan 1994.

(2). Eugenia, b at Madrid 10 Jan 1994 (twin)

(3). Alfonso, b at Madrid 2 Feb 1995.

3). María Luisa, b Madrid 22 IV 1962.

2. María de las Angustias Margarita Immacolada, b at Seville 19 Aug 1935, entered Dominican Order May 1956.

3. Alfonso María José Cristobal Alberto, Army offr, b at Valladolid 4 Jun 1937; m at Seville 4 Oct 1961 (separated officially) Inés de Medina y Atienza (b at Seville 17 Dec 1939, Avenida de Portugal, 17 Seville, Spain), dau of Lt Col Fernando de Medina, 6th Count of Campo Rey, and Mariana Atienza y Benjumea, and has issue,
(Cortijo Rompezapatos, Centra de Sevilla a Mérida, Seville, Spain)

    1). Alfonso, b at Seville 27 Apr 1963.

    2). Fernando, b at Seville 15 Jun 1966.

3). Jaime, b at Seville 19 Jul 1971.

(2). María Luisa, b San Sebastian 6 Sep 1918, m Valladolid 26 Sep 1941 Nicolas Gereda y de Bustamante (b Valladolid 11 Apr 1916).


BOURBON-SPAIN Fourth Branch (Infant Gabriel)

Descendants of the Infant Gabriel (b 11 May 1752; d 23 Nov 1788) yr brother of grt-grt-grt grandfather, and son of Charles III, King of Spain and the Indies (b 20 Jan 1716; d 13/14 Dec 1788), whose only surv son, Pedro Carlos, Infant of Spain and Portugal (so recognized in Portugal 18 Feb 1785) (b 18 Jun 1786; d 4 Jul 1812) m 13 May 1810 María Teresa de Braganza, Infanta of Portugal (b 29 Apr 1793; d 17 Jan 1874), and had an only son (Highness, the qualification of cadets of the House of Spain before 1876).

Sebastián Gabriel María Carlos Juan José Francisco Javier de Paula Miguel Bartolomé de San Geminiano Rafael Gonzaga, Infant of Spain and Portugal, b at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 4 Nov 1811; d at Pau 14 Feb 1875, m 1stly at Aranjuez, nr Madrid, 26 May 1832 Princess Amelia of the Two Sicilies (b at Madrid 25 Feb 1818; d at Pozzuoli, Naples, 6 Nov 1857), dau of King Francis I and his 2nd wife the Infanta Isabel of Spain. He m 2ndly at Madrid 19 Nov 1860 Infanta María Cristina of Spain (b at Madrid, 5 Jun 1833; d at Madrid 19 Jan 1902), dau of the Infant Francisco de Paula of Spain and Princess Luisa Carlota of the Two Sicilies. He had issue by his second marriage, five sons (who until their unequal marriages enjoyed the titles of Serene Highness and Infants of Portugal, and of whom the 4th son, Alfonso, was recognized as Principe de Borbón by King Alfonso XIII, 1933), of whom the eldest were,

1. H.E. Francisco María Isabel Gabriel Pedro de Alcantára Sebastián Alfonso, b at Madrid 20 Aug 1861; d at Neuilly-sur-Seine, 17 Nov 1923, cr Duke of Marchena & Grandee of Spain by RD 4 Apr, conf 30 Jul 1885, m at Madrid 7 Jan 1886 (non dynastic in Spain) María del Pilar Antonia Angela Patrocinio Fermina Simona de Muguiro y Beruete (b at Madrid 17 Jan 1869; d at Monte Carlo 24 Feb 1926; m 2ndly Château de Balincourt, Seine, 22 Sep 1924 as his 2nd wife, Sir Basil Zaharoff, GCB, GCVO, GBE, b at Phanar, Turkey, 20 Oct 1850; d at Monte Carlo 27 Nov 1936, son of Vassili Zaharoff and Helena Antoniadi), cr Duchess of Villafranca de los Caballeros & Grandee of Spain (for life, RD 14 Jun 1924), dau of Fermín de Muguiro y Azcárate, 1st Count of Muguiro, Senator of the Kingdom, and Angela de Beruete y Moret, Countess of Barciles, and had with other issue

1). H.E. María Cristina Francisca de Asís María del Pilar Sebastiana Fermina María de los Angeles Natalia, 2nd Duchess of Marchena & Grandee of Spain (BO 13 Apr 1927), b at Paris 27 Jul 1889; d at London 3 Oct 1981, m at Paris (civ) 9 and (relig) 11 Nov 1911, Leopold Herbert George Walford, b at Antwerp 13 May 1881; d at London 28 Nov 1958, son of George Paget Walford and Laure De Lobel.

2). María de los Angeles (Angela) Fermina Sebastiana María Cristina Francisca de Asís María del Pilar, b at Paris 24 Jul 1895; d at Albano, Italy, 19 Jul 1964 (styled Princess Angèle de Bourbon, Countess Ostroróg), m at Paris (civilly) 12 Jun, and at Château de Balincourt (relig) 15 Jun 1920, Count Jan Ostroróg (b at Constantinople 28 Mar 1896; d at Constantinople 19 Dec 1975; he m 2ndly Kristine Urbaneck), son of Count Leon Valerien Ostroróg and of Jeanne Marie Lorando.

2. H.E. Pedro de Alcántara María de Guadelupe Teresa Isabel Francisco de Asís Gabriel Sebastián Cristino, b at Madrid 12 Dec 1862; d at Paris 5 Jan 1892, cr Duke of Durcal and Grandee of Spain (RD 4 Apr and 25 Nov 1885), m at Madrid (non dynastic in Spain) 6 Apr 1885 María de la Caridad Ignacia Carolina Isabel Constancia María de los Dolores de Madan y Uriondo (b at Guantanamo, Cuba, 19 Sep 1867; d at Berlin 10 Feb 1912; m 2ndly at Grenada 2 Nov 1904 Louis Ferdinand Bessières, who d at Madrid 4 Sep 1951), dau of Gen Juan Antonio de Madan y Uriondo, and Francisca de Uriondo y de Saavedra Dugi, and had issue,

1). María Cristina Alfonsa Francisca de Asís Sebastiana Isabel, b at Madrid 10 Nov 1886; d at Madrid 14 Dec 1985, m at Madrid 14 Apr 1921 H.E. Maurits Willem Raedinck van Vollenhoven, Lord of Kleverskerke, Envoy & Min of the Netherlands to Spain (b at Haarlem 25 Nov 1882; d at Madrid 29 May 1976), son of Maurits van Vollenhoven, and Jonkvrouwe María van der Polle.

2). María Pia Luisa Caridad Francisca de Paula Francisca de Asís Petra de Alcántara Ignacia Cristina Isabel Alfonsa Javiera Bautista Carlota Sebastiana Teresa María de Guadelupe María de los Dolores Bernarda Providencia, b at Madrid 20 Aug 1888; d at Buenos Aires 14 Jul 1969; m 1stly at Paris 26 May 1907 Rafael Padilla y Avila (b at Tucuman, Argentina, 4 Jan 1887; d at Buenos Aires 23 Apr 1945), son of Isaias Padilla y de la Fuente and María de las Mercedes de Avila y Frias. She m 2ndly at Buenos Aires 29 Mar 1966 Guillermo Ramon de Archaval (b at Rosario Santa Fé 24 Sep 1884; d at Buenos Aires 19 Nov 1971).

3). H.E. Fernando Sebastían, 2nd Duke of Durcal and Grandee of Spain (BO 24 Jun 1908), b at Paris 4 Feb 1891; d at Madrid 28/29 Mar 1944, Chamberlain to King Alfonso XIII, m at Barcelona 19 Oct 1912, María Leticia Bosch-Labrús y Blat (b at Barcelona 14 Mar 1890; d at Madrid 29 Nov 1981), dau of Pedro Bosch-Labrús, 1st Viscount of Bosch-Labrús (RD 25 May 1926), Senator, and Josefa Blat y Caparols, and had issue,

(1). H.E. María Cristina, 3rd Duchess of Durcal & Grandee of Spain (BO 31 Oct 1950), b at Madrid 15 May 1913; m at Madrid 8 Apr 1931 (m diss by div 10 Dec 1959), Antenor Patiño y Rodríguez, Diplomat and Industrialist (b at Oturo, Bolivia, 12 Oct 1896; d at New York 2/3 Feb 1982; m 2ndly at London 8 Jan 1960, Béatrice de Rivera, b at Gragnano Trebbiense, Italy, 1 Aug 1905).
(Place des Vosges, 75004 Paris)

(2). Leticia Fernanda, b at Madrid 22 Jun 1915; m 1stly at Rome 27 Nov 1940 (m annulled by the Holy See 1956) Paolo Venturi Ginori Lisci, Marquess of Riparbella, Patrician of Florence (b at Florence 22 Apr 1915; he m 2ndly 10 Oct 1957 Amalia Borgnino), son of Roberto Venturi Ginori Lisci, Marquess of Riparbella, Patrician of Florence, and Margherita Abro Pagratide (Via Ghibellina 73, Firenze, Italy). She m 2ndly at Zurich, 10 Jul 1958, Stefano Franceschi (b at Florence 16 Jun 1903; d at Geneva 1 Feb 1981).

3. H.E. Luis Jesus María Isabel José Francisco de Asís Sebastián Cristino, cr 1st Duke of Ansola & Grandee of Spain (30 May 1886, and RD 15 Mar 1887), b at Madrid 17 Jan 1864; d at Algiers 24 Jan 1889; m at Madrid 31 May 1886, Ana Germana Pia María los Desemparados Josefa Joaquina Bernaldo de Quiros y Muñoz (b at Palencia, Spain, 19 Mar 1866; d at Vitoria, Spain, 11 Sep 1934; she m 2ndly at Irun, 30 Nov 1890 Manuel Mendez de Vigo), dau of José María Bernaldo de Quiros y Gonzalez de Cienfuegos, 8th Marquess of Campo Sagrado, Señor of La Casa de Quiros, Senator, Ambassador of Spain, Gentleman of the Queen, and María Cristina Muñoz y Borbón-Dos Sicilias, 1st Marchioness of La Isabella and Viscountess of La Dehesilla, and had issue,

1). Luis Alfonso Francisco José María, 2nd Duke of Ansola & Grandee of Spain (RD 30 Oct 1896), and 2nd Marquess of Atarfe, b at Paris 9 May 1887; Serene Highness (concession of King Carlos I of Portugal, no date) d at Biarritz 19 May 1942; m at London 16 Jul 1914 (separated) Beatrice Mary Harrington (b at London 1891; d at Madrid 6 Jan 1979), dau of James Harcourt Harrington.

2). H.E. Manfredo Luis Jesus, 1st Duke of Hernani (22 Jan and RD 11 Aug 1914), 3rd Duke of Ansola and 3rd Marquess of Atarfe (BO 4 Apr 1952) & three times Grandee of Spain, b at Alger, France 3 Feb 1889; d at Madrid 6 Jan 1979, Kt Order of Saint Januarius, Gd Cross Orders of Charles III, Christ of Portugal, Saint Benedict of Aviz of Portugal, Bailiff Gd Cross Constantinian Order of Saint George, Bailiff Gd Cross Hon & Dev & Pres Sp Assoc Sov Mil Order of Malta, m 1stly at Madrid 31 Jan 1920 María Leticia Santa Marina y Romero (b at La Coruna, 15 Aug 1889; d at Malaga 7 May 1925), dau of José Santa Marina y Pérez and Emilia Romero y García. He m 2ndly at Madrid 27 Jun 1950 María Teresa Maríategui y Arteaga (b at Madrid 9 Jun 1914; d 20 Sep 1996), Gd cross of Hon & Dev Sov Mil Order of Malta, dau of H.E. Jaime Maríategui y Pérez de Barradas, 9th Marques de Quintana de las Torres & Grandee of Spain, and María Josefa de Arteaga y Echagüe, 15th Marchioness of la Guardia.

4. H.E. (H.S.H.) Alfonso María Isabel Francisco Eugenio Gabriel Pedro Sebastián Palayo Fernando Francisco de Paula Pio Miguel Rafael Juan José Joaquín Ana Zacarias (and seventy-nine other forenames), b at Buen Retiro Palace, Madrid 15 nov 1866; d at Madrid 28 Apr 1934, recognized as Princípe de Borbón by the Duke of San Jaime, 1933, m (secretly) at Madrid (m diss by div ..) Julia Mendez y Morales, without issue.



Branch of Orléans-Braganza

Branch of Orléans (Galliera)